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Project Management 
Our project management team has a proven track record of delivering complex building projects, which has been built up over the last 20 years.  We take a hands on approach, using our experience to actively drive projects, challenge the design and costs, manage and mitigate risks, and ensure the client’s objectives are met.   We are used to delivering projects within tight budget constraints and fixed deadlines, and work hard to bring the best out of the project team to achieve this.  We provide an important link between the client and the consultant team, ensuring both have the information and approvals they need to deliver the project.  We are experienced in managing projects within the context of complex, multi-stakeholder environments.  These are often on sites with challenging planning and ecological conditions.
The Wave, Coventry
Development Monitoring 
We provide a comprehensive development monitoring service for funders and landowners.  We use our own experience of delivering building projects ourselves to pro-actively monitor developments and ensure our client’s interests are protected.  This covers the building agreement, design development, contractor selection, quality of works on site, valuations, and ensuring full compliance with the development agreement.  We don’t tell others how to do their job, and we understand the pressures that the delivery team will be under, so it is important that issues are identified and dealt with quickly so that they don’t impact on the project. 
West India Quay
Feasibility Studies 
We are used to undertaking feasibility studies, which allow our clients to make decisions on multi-million pound projects with confidence.  We bring together and manage the consultant team, to advise on design, cost, planning, financials, surveys and other matters, to provide a coordinated and robust report, that sets clear recommendations and a strategy for the delivery of the project.  We take a totally independent view, and are not afraid to tell our clients where we think they shouldn’t proceed with a project.
Feasibility Studies
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Contract Administration
Where the client has their own project management team in place, we can fulfil the role of the Employer’s Agent/Contract Administrator for the project.  Whilst there must be clear processes in place to administer the contract, we use our experience of complex projects to provide informed advice and proactively assist the client and the project team to help deliver the project.   
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